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Terms & Conditions

Upon return of this application, the applicant agrees to the following terms:


1. All answers and information given, to the best of the applicant's ability, are true and current.  

2. The terms of payment and deposit are as follows: A one hundred ($100.00) non refundable deposit will be included with this application.  The deposit is non-refundable, unless otherwise indicated by Showdown Stage Company.  Should the applicant be entitled to a refund of their deposit, Showdown agrees to pay that deposit within thirty days prior to July 9, 2015.  Payment for the camp of $1800.00 (eighteen hundred dollars) minus the $100.00 (one hundred dollar deposit) is due in full by July 1, 2015.  Should the applicant fail to make the full payment by said date, the applicant forfeits any and all monies paid up until that date, unless otherwise indicated (in writing) by Showdown.  

3. Applicant agrees to provide any transportation to and from Los Angeles at the applicant's expense.  However, Showdown will be providing two shuttles on July 9th, 2015.  One at 12:00 pm.  And one at 3:00 pm from Burbank/Bob Hope Airport and Los Angeles International Airport (at an additional fee of $75.00 (seventy five dollars)) .  If the applicant is on time and has arranged with Showdown in writing to be at either airport, Showdown agrees to transport the applicant to Camp Colby.  Shuttles are also available for leaving Camp Colby.  Applicant must arrange, in writing, with Showdown, to utilize those shuttles at an additional cost of $75.00 (seventy five dollars)

3.  The applicant understands that the fee of $1800.00 (eighteen hundred dollars) includes: all lodging, meals, classes, workshops, auditions, tours and photo session.  It does not include: shuttle service to and from the airport, souvenirs, or additional photos from the photo session.  

4. Once the applicant has submitted the application and the non-refundable deposit fee, the applicant does agree to sign the Rules Of Conduct for Students -which include the rules of behavior for the applicant as well as Limits of Liability.  

5. Should the applicant/guardian (s) check be returned due to insufficient funds, the applicant/guardian agrees to pay and an all fees Showdown must incur as a result of the insufficient funds, including but not limited to: banking fees, court fees, attorney fees.

6. By signing this application form the applicant/guardian (s) agree to allow Showdown Stage Company to use the applicant's pictures, videos, or any media associated with the Showdown camps in promotion of the Showdown program. The applicant/guardian (s) waives any and all financial holdings should those image (s) result in income for Showdown.  The applicant/guardian (s) does, however, have the right to request, in writing,  removal of their images from any media used by Showdown in promotion of the Showdown program.  The applicant/guardian (s) understand that it may take Showdown a reasonable amount of time such as but not limited to thirty (30) days to remove that image (s) from promotion.

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