Why Our Shows? 


Large casts.


           Simple sets & costumes. 


Appealing to audiences and actors alike.  Finding the right show is a challenge. 

That's why we've created Showdown shows. Teachers all over the world agree....


"Aesop’s Foibles was one of the best plays we have ever done! 

It was very cleverly written, and the kids really

enjoyed all aspects of the production!"

Stacey Mulet, St. Mary’s School, Owatonna, MN



Musical Comedies

Musical Dramas

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Smaller Casts

Adult Roles

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Jason is part of the freaks and Greeks at school. Jason realizes there is only one way he can get the Bling to rule the school. He’s got to sneak over to Colchis High and steal their mascot. The Golden Fleece. With the Fleece’s magical powers, Jason will finally be the rightful king of Thessaly High.

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