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Summer 2015 

July 14th - 28th                                

Ages 13 - 22     

Whether a seasoned performer or a brand-spankin'-new beginner, Showdown welcomes you.

So What Is Showdown?

Showdown is life changing.  Our students get hands-on experience learning what it's like to be an Industry Pro.  Through our pr​ofessional level classes, exciting extra-curricular activities and unique philosophy, students gain the tools they need to succeed.  Plus they have lots of fun!


Audition for an Agent

Students learn how they would be cast.  Are they the girl next door? Or the loveable geek?  In this incredible opportunity, students strut their stuff for acclaimed talent agents at the polygon group, and then they get personal feedback on their audition.


Read for a Casting Director

Students bring out their best when they audition for an A-List Casting Director. Following an intensive workshop where students learn first-hand what casting wants, they audition for the CD. (Many of our students have booked work.)

Private Coaching
Students learn current film and TV trends from A-List acting Coach Tracy Martin @ Koaching Kids. Tracy's kids work. Teens learn first-hand what it takes to book that commercial, movie, or TV show.


Students learn to put their best voice forward with Mark Salyer.  Mark works around the country teaching voice and dialects. 

Master Classes

Students hone their unique talents in our hands-on personalized master workshops taught by industry pros. Teens learn:  SCENE STUDY - IMPROV - AUDITIONING - MUSICAL THEATER - MONOLOGUE STUDY - SELLING THE SONG - DANCE - PHYSICAL ACTING - WRITING - COMPOSING - STAGE COMBAT in a supportive environment where it's safe to be who they are. 


VIP tour of a Hollywood Studio 
Teens have fun and become informed as they travel behind the scenes of a working movie studio.  More than just a backlot tour, students will learn how a studio runs, find out who's who, plus get 
all the bells and whistles of the big touristy stuff.

Photo Session
Headshots to make young actors shine.  Teens work with a professional photographer to create memorable poses for a one-of-a-kind shot to help them stand out.   

Live like a tourist.


Get your ears on cause we're takin' a trip to Disneyland.  Get some cool insider info from former mouse-house-pros. 


Take a walk down the Hollywood walk of fame. See the stars, the Chinese Theater and Hollywood and Vine where you get to make Vines on Vines.  Create your own uber-short video in the heart of Hollywood.


Wax up your boards cause we're hittin' Venice beach. Sun, surf and shopping.


Be the REAL real teens of Beverly Hills cause there's a trip to Rodeo drive in your future.


Meet and Greet With Working Producers

Whether their on set or at their studio, the production team from Animal Family Films will inspire you with thier insight and working knowledge of film making. Who know, maybe they'll even let you audition. 

​Individual Attention
Our students get lots of one on one staff time where they're free to ask questions, try new things, even make a friend that will bring out their amazing potential. 


Transformation Through Theater

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