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For Teens

Why Us?

The more you know about who you are, the more you bring to your art. And the more you bring to your art, the more you bring to life.  Plus, Showdown is just fun. 


We are a diva-free zone. 

Nobody is more important than anyone else. Everyone is accepted. Really. 


"I wish the world was like this."

- Duncan, 15

Dare to suck.

Take chances. Make mistakes. Try something new.  And if you fall on your face, we'll be there to pick you up. 


"Now I'm not afraid to speak my mind, be who I am or
sing..... Thank you for helping me find myself." 

- Jenny, 14


Expand your comfort zone.

We will push you beyond your comfort zone, so next time your comfort zone is bigger. We will drive you to be more than you are. If nobody expects excellence, how can you know just how excellent you are. Be spectacular.


"Look out school, there is nothing I can't do now."

- Matt, 16


Weird is cool.

In all of time and all of space there is only one you. So be you. 


"Remember us when we first got to camp. We were a mess.  
Look at us now.  You can't stop us."  

- Marie, 17


Be part of a family.

Make friends that will last a lifetime. We have an 80% return rate, so you will always be welcome here.


"Showdown IS my family.

- Hannah, 16


See the world.

We offer travel opportunities for returning students. Many of our kids travel to different states for other Showdown camps.


"I've made friends from all over the country."

- Joey, 18


Share what you've learned.

Many of our students now teach for us. They're paid to share what they've learned. How cool is that?


"I'm now running the Showdown Jr. Camp.

And it's awesome."

- Nikki, 19


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