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For Parents

Why Us?

Showdown is more than a theater program, it is a unique world where your child is empowered, accepted and transformed through the arts. All our classes are taught by working industry pros who bring their expertise to a safe and supportive environment.  Teens get lots of individual attention, healthy meals, and quality downtime. They'll return home uplifted, excited and eager to share their adventure.   



Our mission is to help bring out the personal potential in all kids.


Company Overview

Nonprofit founded by Cindy Marcus, Flip Kobler, and Dennis Poore in 2003. Our day camps across the country have inspired thousands of teens to go after their dreams. The plays developed in the camps are published by many houses and are performed all across the globe. 



Our summer program is the bridge to your teen's future. Students who participate in our program gain valuable life skills that apply to all stages of life. Whether they are giving an oral report, interviewing for college, or giving that big boardroom presentation, they'll have the tools needed to go after whatever future they desire. Plus, they'll have a blast!


Be they architect, actor or zookeeper, every child has the potential to shine as bright as any star.


"Not only has my son's attitude changed,

his grades have greatly improved.

I'm a true believer."
-Judy K.


"Can't imagine missing a summer camp
anymore.  We now plan our family vacations
around Showdown's summer schedule."
- Pat M.  


"Thank you so much for the instructors.  
They made [our son's] experience all that we
had hoped for.  They inspired the students
and were able to draw the best from them."
- Pat O.


"I honestly could never thank the teachers
enough for the life changing education in the
theater arts that they gave my children this
summer.  Not only did they give them an
excellent education in every aspect of theater,
they created a safe, fun and stimulating
environment for the teens to be highly motivated and fully responsible for
getting the most possible out of this experience."
- Arnell B.











From an interview on Channel 13 News, Jefferson City, MO.  2013

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