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Universal Studios 

I was wondering...


What's a typical day like?

You'll start your day with a yummy, yet nutritious, breakfast in the dining hall. After morning announcements where you might show off your favorite super hero costume, or ask questions backwards, it's off to fun classes. Then a lunch break with your new buddy or your birthday pal or your cabin mates or....  Afternoons are devoted to workshops and smaller class intensives with a focus on in-depth work.  Then a break to chill, maybe dive in the pool or hike the trails of the Angeles National Forest.  Phew, after all that, is it dinner yet?  Dine under the stars or in our "Showcase" cafeteria where you and your might hear a new song or see a scene.   The fun continues with our evening activities like movie night, or create a Vine. Then back to cabins for more bonding time with your Counselor and new friends until it's time to sleep. 'Cause tomorrow we all do it all again.


Where do we sleep?

Camp Colby has a variety of cabins, dorms and lodges.  Students are grouped by gender, in age-appropriate "Ensembles" with one counselor per eight teens.  Our counselors are Showdown grads so they know exactly all the stuff you're going through.  They're there to share their stories or listen to yours or just tell some really bad jokes.  Counselors join in all the class, and all the fun.  Your cabin is your own so you and your "Ensemble" can put a special stamp on it.  Linens are supplied, but if you want to bring some extra snugglies from home, then whoo-hoo! 


What's included in the price?

All classes, tours, in-camp meals, linens and activities - even the headshot session - and if you wish to purchase your awesome pictures - you can at a discount. The only thing not covered is the souvenirs you're going to want to get when you travel to Hollywood and tour the studios. 


What if I've never been on stage?

Cool!  We have students of all experience levels, from novice to working industry actors. But remember, we are a "Diva Free Zone," everyone matters.  So bring your open mind, sense of adventure, and eagerness to learn - we'll take care of the rest. 


What about transportation to and from the airport?

We got you covered there too.  We have two shuttles, both coming and leaving.  The cost is only 75.00 (per shuttle) but one of our friendly and informed staff  will be there to greet you and see you off - plus give you a "Showdown Tour" on the way. 


Can I bring a friend?

Of course.  We love meeting new people.  All bunk requests are honored - as long as they're in the same age group and gender. 



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